Viruses, Malware, Spyware, and Other Threats

Signs of Malware on Your Computer:

Red Nasty Computer has become slow or unresponsive, crashes, or takes a long time to start up or shutdown.

Google searches go to unwanted locations like, or

Unknown pop-ups and messages up on your desktop or internet browser.

Unexpected software on your computer that you didn't install, especially "antiviruses" and "optimizers".

Extra toolbars have appeared in Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.

We specialize in the removal of:

Viruses (old school nasties)

Malware (many types of crimeware, mostly designed to steal your money/identity)

Trojans (impostors pretending to be legitimate software)

Rogues (scareware, fake antiviruses, tuneups, "doctors", and "accelerators")

Rootkits (the most stealthy and tenacious of all the bad invaders)

Browser Hijacks (browsers can be infected too!)

And other forms of crimeware.
Security Shield We can help to keep machines clean into the future by providing security software and training on security practices, and get you set up with serious security software that works (there's a lot of snake oil out there).

We can secure your firewall and wireless networks.

We provide help setting up and using encryption software.