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Affordable Rates and Services

We provide a Mobile Service only, we have no retail storefront, only a shop where Bench Services are performed. Not having brick-and-mortar overhead allows us to offer the lowest rates for our services.

We believe in providing a quality service at a fair price.

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Hourly Services

Onsite Services

min 1 hour charge.
no trip charges in the Missoula Valley area

Bench Labor and Consultation Services

min 1 hour charge
pickup/delivery free in the Missoula Valley area with jobs of 2 hours or more, otherwise $15 pickup/delivery in the Missoula Valley area

Flat Rate Services

The Standard PC Tune Up: $100.00 flat

The Standard Tune Up Includes:
Full disk image backup
Hardware diagnostics
Apply full security/disinfect process
Clean (mostly dust from the fans and heat sinks)
Tune-Up Software

It’s a sweet deal for you, a lot more than three hours go into this job.
The Standard PC Tune Up” service is only provided as a Bench Service, onsite PC labor is billed at the standard hourly rate.
Pickup/delivery are free in the Missoula valley area