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Get your network working the way you need it to.

Wired And Wireless Networks

Network Setups

We can help you get all your computers, printers, and other devices talking on your network.

We can troubleshoot and diagnose issues with existing networks and network services.

Routers and Switches

We can help you get your Wired or Wireless networking set up properly, including standard network services like DNS and DHCP, and less common configurations such as port-forwarding, Virtual Private Networking (VPN), DMZ and guest networks.

Wireless Router


We fabricate CAT5e network cables capable of Gigabit Ethernet speeds, from one foot patch cables to hundred yard runs connecting previously unwired locations.

Internet and Email

Email setups

We can set up your Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Android device, or iPhone/iPad to access your email.

Internet Browsing

We can help resolve Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome problems such as: Hijacked home pages and search providers, unwanted popups and ads (did you know that browsers are regularly infected by malware?)

We can help you set up your browser for safer internet surfing.

Internet and Cloud Apps

We can help you resolve problems with Web-based software such as Pogo, Facebook apps, online gaming, or other Flash, Shockwave, or Java-based web apps.

Servers and Network Connections

Servers and Networked Services

Setting up new servers, and reconfiguring existing servers, including setting up new users, network shares and drive mappings, applications, and printers.

Setting up networked printers, configuring print drivers and queues.

Setting up and using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and other remote access solutions